Lets start on the largest scale and work our way down. Robot Overlords and Domain Mechanus are thoughts on cities and how technology could influence our governance.

Pigeon Holing; when we take other peoples identity and smash it into some ill fitting box. It’s one of the unhealthy ways we interact with each other.

Charades is the flip side of this, it’s about how those boxes are related to our instinctual needs. Understanding this is integral to functioning while aware of the bigger picture of humanity.

Group behaviour can be emotionally moving yet it can also be frightening. Music focuses an unexpected relationship.

Reading at home does nothing, to see this first hand you must simply go out and Watch.

A discussion about food may seem out of place here but it’s really not. What we eat has a profound impact on the world around us. We’ve shaped our environment to grow the food we choose to eat, with little thought to the long term consequences. It may be time to contemplate our Carnivorous Nature (well technically omnivorous but it just doesn’t have the right ring to it).

Lastly we come to technology, of how modern communication networks have impacted our mental ability to interact with society, in Our Expansive Will.