Sex and Love

To start, let’s discuss the point of love in humans (like many things here, it helps to have read the piece on Hofstadter first).

Sex and Passion is a comparable introduction to the physical manifestation of love. It’s definitely the most fun (well it should be, if it’s not then something is wrong). 

A Window to the Soul is one of my more emotional pieces. It cuts deeper than most of my writing; leaves me feeling exposed (but in a good way).

Next is a set of four pieces that focus on how we structure our love bonds. Jealousy is what drives the differences, whether it’s the acceptance of it or the rejection. My first foray was with Polyamory Vs. Monogamy. Taking those two together you may get the impression I’m against monogamy, which is not the case. It’s a struggle to form a good argument in favour of it though, if you’re like me and reject jealousy. My attempt is the following two pieces: An Argument for Pairing and The Three Body Problem.

Lastly is Understanding and Forgiveness. It doesn’t fit into the rest in a linear form because it focuses on how love can influence the people opposing you, whereas the rest are about those closest to you. But we must see all the sides of love.