If you haven’t come here from the Philosophy section, then you should read Natural Philosophy; it’s the bedrock for this haphazard chapel of science.

The most relevant pieces for a standard earth bound human would be the two parts on Resource Management: Part 1 and Part 2. They cut to the heart of why environmentalism is so absolutely necessary, but a specific type, one rooted in evidence.

History is the next most relevant topic. The perspective gained from it is as important as that gained from learning of the universe. We’re dust mites of the cosmos and we’re specks in the sprawl of humanity. So learn some history.

So what of those dust mites? Can we infect the universe with our planets condition or are we doomed to die here? The odds do not look good.

And finaly the most speculative piece, the real junction of philosophic time wasting and science; The Fifth Dimension.