Life Advice

Wherein I attempt to give advice on how to live ones life. Definitely the most challenging thing for me because it’s incredibly hard to believe ones own advice is even worth giving. Logically then, we should start off with my attempt at putting that hubris in check.

Getting angry when people frustrate you is normal but it’s not necessarily useful or sensible; Expectations and Disappointment  is my coping mechanism.

On a lighter note, there’s The Weather, a way to attune our physical side with the nature all around us.

And on the topic of storms, we must delve into the sadder times of life. We’ll all feel bad at some point, and maybe we should. Maybe that negativity is what drives you to the greatest heights. Maybe you should take the Highs with the Lows.

Life is not just mental, it’s also physical. Advice that soely focused on the emotions would be missing too much of the picture. Your body is important, so maybe look into a Martial Art.

And lastly, the times you must strive the hardest to take life advice; times of loss. Constructively dealing with is paramount to living the “good life”. So take the shit from life and Grow.