New Ideas

The direction of this here writing will be shifting soon. Since I did the year in review last summer I’ve been having a harder and harder time coming up with good topics. It’s not that I’ve run out of things to say, but I’ve picked all the low hanging  fruit. Either I slow down the updates or I broaden what topics are relevant. I’m going with the latter. I like writing and I don’t want to do less of it.

So here’s the new plan. I’ll be doing three pieces a month, each from a different category. The first is exactly what I’ve been posting; philosophic/emotional ramblings on life. The second will be an analysis of some cultural thing that has been influential to my mind. Usually this means books (since I consume so many) but any media is fair game. The third category will actually be a split topic: fiction and political. They’re not actually related, it’s just that I can’t write a decent piece of fiction in a month. Instead of pushing me to fail at a deadline or pumping out something mediocre, I’ll alternate it with political discussion.

A recent event, that I’m sure you’re all to aware of, has made me genuinely concerned with our societies direction. I feel we’re headed for a major shift, a fulcrum point in history. And I feel the lever being pulled towards a dangerous future, one full of death and misery we’ve become unaccustomed to. To have a chance at averting this, we all must speak up, no matter the size of the platform. Make our voices be heard lest they be drowned out by violence.

But enough of that, I should save it for my first political post. My fiction will be a 6 part story that may continue further. The new format will start in February


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