Our Fucked up Economy

We call capitalism efficient but it’s not. Well it is in a sense, if you give it a limited scope for that efficiency. Economic Efficiency. It minimizes the cost for the buyer and maximizes the profit for the seller. The invisible hand guides it to the point of equilibrium. If that’s all you care about then it’s great, but any sane person will have more values than that. The environment, resource usage, economic equality, work/life balance, ethical treatment of animals/people. All of those things are secondary to the real goal of our economy.

I’ve seen this first hand on construction sites. Efficiency is guided by contract bidding. A company makes a list of what must be done and companies don on the contract, with the lowest bid winning. The overall job is parceled out so there are multiple contracts on site with different companies Then when work is being done each company is simply trying to maximize their own profit. If it saves them money to throw stuff out and reinstall ne material then they will, despite the increase in material waste. If the work they’re doing needs to be done as stipulated in the contract, but it is known that the work will be removed for some extraneous reason, it is still done. If the work will clearly cause problems for one of the other companies, but it is supposed to be done at that time, it’s still done. Occasionally the different companies will foster more positive relations and work together, but it’s rare and only when not at the expense of profit. A wasteful and stupid idea.

It’s fucked up and obvious to anyone who’ll pay attention.

But costs must be minimized, that’s all that’s important.



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