On Life Advice

I like to give advice. I also worry that I can’t legitimately consider it worth much because I lack so much knowledge and experience of the world. I wouldn’t let that stop me, it just adds to the layers of crippling self doubt. So what I try for is a scattershot approach. Here’s a bunch of things, maybe some of them will work for you, maybe they won’t. It’s up to you to decide what is worthwhile advice. I have zero interest in preaching about The Good Life (Hell, I have zero interest in preaching in general). I don’t know what the good life really is. I try to though.

There’s a bigger issue I must recognize, something that’s more problematic and pervasive. Acting on this advice requires a certain amount of socioeconomic privilege*. Many activities require money for either equipment or facilities. If your job(s) require extensive work hours then it won’t matter how much money you have, you won’t have the time. It seems self evident, of course you need money and time to do stuff. But life advice is somehow considered different than other things. We assume that not taking the advice (when it may have helped), is tantamount to failing at life.

Failing at life!?

That’s absurd. The one trait we definitely all share is that we’re alive (I’m assuming ghosts can’t read my posts on the internet). That’s literally the most anyone can actually fail at.

Society requires us to gather our Bio-Survival Tokens by working. Not all jobs are equal in how much time they require and how much they compensate you for your time. That constraint limits how well we can better our lives. So everyone must ration their freedom, making decisions as to what to do and what not to do. We have to stop blindly judging each other for not bettering ourselves. We all have personal struggles.

We’ve all had tons of advice levelled at us. Having advice and knowing what advice to take are drastically different. Many people have the former, few have the later. Sifting through the advice and picking what to act on is the real skill. And this isn’t something that can be given as advice. If it were, how could you decide to follow it? Why pick this advice and not something else? Ultimately it must come from within, anything external is predicated on your acceptance.

You always choose.

It’s just sometimes you choose to blindly follow what another is saying.

*Socioeconomic status refers to your education, employment and wealth, but it ultimately derives from the hand that you’re dealt by life. This would include how much money your parents had, the education you had access to, the lack or presence of cultural barriers when entering the workplace, etc. It may be something you can influence, but we do not start with equal cards at birth.


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