5% – A Story of Failure Part 5

One in twenty. Five out of a hundred.

Eris’ number. The mostly all knowing, the fairly powerful, and the not giving a fuck at all, Goddess of Chaos. She who brought disorder to the universe. The queen bitch of Discordianism.
Her number.

Disorder; the chance of failure. Chaos.
This is what allowed evolution to happen. Without failed mutations we wouldn’t exist. The failed adaptations.

Countless beings who were the opposite of “fittest”, who were not selected; they were our sacrificial lambs.

You cannot learn without first learning you’re mistaken and you cannot grow stronger without feeling your weaknesses.

Failure is what makes us great. Extinction is what created us.

A toast to those dead, deformed creatures, may we never forget their failures. Their failures, our successes.

Crit MissPart 4
Part 1


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