5% – A Story of Failure Part 2

One in twenty.

Let’s say, for sake of argument, that you agree with me. What does that mean? For you to make a statement like that, how much of me do you have to agree with? No two people will ever be able to communicate perfectly so it’s clearly impossible to agree with anyone completely. I’m not wishing to get pedantic here; I’m not arguing against the concept of agreement. The opposite is actually what I’m driving at.

When do you stop ‘liking’ someone due to them making statements that you disagree with? When does the good outweigh the bad? Our memory is a fickle thing, it’s very easy to remember anger. If you’re reasonable and someone close to you offends you, you’ll let them explain themselves. You’ll talk and learn about why they said what they said. Our media has brought humans far closer together but we still maintain the same number of ‘close’ relationships. So we’re exposed to more people, more opinions, but not actually to the full viewpoints of those people. It makes it very easy to see the bad in them. To only see what angers you.

To ignore the weight of that 95% and only look at 5%.Crit Miss

Part 1
Part 3


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