The Truth

Syadasti: Everything is true in some sense and false in some sense.

It’s a Discordian tenet that addresses the multiplicity of truth. Given it’s religious nature, it has several meanings and purposes depending on who you’re talking to. I’m going to share my interpretations, with all my personal biases included.

At any given time, things can be seen from multiple scales: molecular, cellular, macro, hardware, software, etc, etc. Nothing makes one view more true or false than another. There are things that are only apparent from certain views. You can’t understand the weather by looking at molecules of air and you can’t see consciousness in a neuron. Those two are examples of the effect being drowned in the details. Conversely we’ve made strides in medicine and physics by analyzing specific cells or particles. Only seeing them macroscopically would obscure the specific particle interactions.

Consciousness is only made sensible when viewed as brain software. Clearly the software exists because of the hardware; it can’t physically function without a medium. To try and analyze it by ‘reading’ the hardware would be like interpreting a novel using facts about letters. The meaning is obviously in the words. I can’t make words without letters, but I read the words to get meaningful information.

Newtonian, Relativistic, Quantum; they’re all just different scales. Use Quantum rules on the scale of a solar system and your results make no sense. Use Newtonian at that scale and you’ll have consistent errors. But it’s the only way predict the path of an electron. All provide meaningful ‘truths’ when used in the correct situations.

True in some sense and false in some sense.



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