Highs and Lows

Feeling good is good. No one really wants to be feel bad. And I’m talking in the fashion they would describe as bad, not some arbitrary universal definition. Yet I would argue you should want to feel bad, at least some of the time.

Motivation is a tricky thing. Without it you would feel lost, stagnant or bored. The point of it is to improve things somehow, so at the same time it’s a sign of a lacking in something. When someone is motivated to further their education to help them get on their career path, they’re only doing it because they are not on the path they want to be on. When you want to be more social or get in shape or go out more, all of these things are parts of yourself that you don’t like. Therefore it would be best to have no motivation because you’re exactly who you wish to be.

But we all know that’s not true.

The clichéd advice of the modern world is to enjoy the journey and not the destination. We’ve all heard it. Despite it being trite, it’s true, you do have to enjoy the present cause it’s all you’re ever going to experience. Solely seeking basic gratification of your desires will leave you enjoying the present moment, but will get stagnant and unpleasant. You’ll feel bored and directionless. You’ll lose motivation.

Highs and Lows are the only way to experience both the pleasure of the journey while maintaining the motivation to continue. Embrace the pain you feel, let it drive you towards improvement. Then feel good. You can rest on that plateau for a short time, but don’t fight the bad feelings that will come. Let them. Feel the pain and turn it into the drive to climb the next hurdle of life.

All to often we try to battle with our negative feelings, we see them as a failing, as us failing. But it’s not a failure, it’s how you succeed.

Postscript: I’m discussing someone of moderately stable psyche. Someone with Bipolar disorder is different. They have a serious condition and may find medical intervention of some kind helpful. Those highs and lows can be truly dangerous to a persons well being.


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