Growth from loss

Losing someone emotionally significant hurts.
It’s gonna hurt and it’s gonna happen to you,
whether it’s from heartache, death or conflict.
When a negative thing is inevitable the best defense is to learn to cope constructively.
It’s all too easy to become self-destructive when you feel like shit.
So find something to learn or
train your body in something.
Have a clear idea of the person you’d like to be in 2-5 years and work towards that person.

This is good advice in general, you should do this all the time. Don’t wait until you need to know who your future self should be, keep them in mind throughout your life. Update them and improve them as you improve yourself.

If present tense you can’t be happy then do a favour for future tense you.
Bring them closer to that idealized self you’ve created.

Create growth from loss.

As per all things in life, this must be balanced. It is not a long term solution,
you will have to enjoy the present eventually.
If you don’t, you’re only living for the future and that’s akin to living for your death.
(for what else is inevitable in life?)
And that may mean letting yourself hurt.
When you have to, do it with friends nearby.


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